Be healthy, save money!!

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individuals who are enrolled in group health insurance coverage AND participate in a health-contingent (outcome based) wellness program could earn a discount of up to 50% off of their annual premium.  Simply stated, you can save money by committing to living a healthier lifestyle and achieving positive results while participating in our wellness program! (Examples include but are not limited to: reducing body fat percentage, losing weight/inches, etc.)  Our program satisfies the "health-contingent wellness program" mandate that is stated/written in the ACA.  By entering an ongoing relationship with Zap Wellness Solutions and taking advantage of the services that we offer, you'll be healthier and you'll save money doing it! 



Members of the world's finest (U.S.) military and school teachers receive a 10% discount on all Zap Wellness Solutions services. 


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