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Consistent poor health habits eventually lead to poor health.  As a nation, our poor health habits have contributed to the abundance of chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.) that continue to plague us. At Zap Wellness Solutions our mission is to combat the epidemic of obesity-related chronic diseases in our nation via health/wellness education and assessments that emphasize behavior change and preventive strategies.  In other words, we want everyone to focus on establishing good health/wellness habits in order to PREVENT the onset of chronic disease in the future.  The services that we offer focus on the major components of health and wellness: Body Composition, Physical Fitness, Healthy Nutrition and Stress/Sleep.  We believe that a healthy nation is a better nation.  Allow us to assess your health and properly educate you in order to help you attain a BETTER state of health!


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BODY FAT/COMPOSITION - 1 of the 3 most important individual health indicators
FITNESS/PERSONAL TRAINING- The fountain of youth
NUTRITION - EAT RIGHT? What does that mean?
STRESS/SLEEP- The unsung heroes of health/wellness
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